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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 19, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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promise to repeal the aca. "i'm ready to act, i have a pen in hand." stay with fox news. >> heather: that's where we begin, with this fox news alert. awaiting for a reaction from those republican senators gathered at the white house. >> jon: as president trump says, don't even think about leaving town in the heat of august without taking some action on health care. new information on president trump's encounters with vladimir putin at the g20 summit, what happened during a second meeting that eluded cameras and of and of the press? plus, more than 1,000 homes burning down near one of the nation's most treasured national parks. >> you never think something with like this would happen in your town. >> it's slowly crawling down the
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mountain. >> jon: the latest efforts to douse the wildfires near yosemite. it's time for the annual report on the dumbest ways congress spend your money. it's all happening now. ♪ we begin on this wednesday with republicans planning their next move on health care with president trump, welcome to the second hour of "happening now." >> heather: thank you for joining us, another busy day. >> jon: everything is always changing in washington. >> heather: we don't know what was on the menu but we do know the president is hosting those senators right now the white house as he tries to get the obamacare repeal enough votes to pass. what is the latest? >> the plan is to vote on that repeal plan next week even if it
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doesn't have the votes, we caught up with a key republican senator to get his expectations heading into that white house luncheon. >> i think the president is thoroughly invested in this, i for one am still very much interested in getting this done, i think this will be a meeting of "can we still get it done?" >> unexpected vote on a partial repeal in the senate puts at least three senate republicans on the spot. they all voted for the repeal bill in 2015 but have reservations about it now. another key senator talked about the importance about getting the policy right. >> what we need to do is have a policy that is conservative and innovative that takes the points of view of a lot of folks into account and not only repeals the affordable care act but to replace it with something that would lower premiums.
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>> if that repeal bill fails in the senate, chairman lamar alexander says his committee has responsibility to hold hearings to continue exploring how to stabilize the individual insurance market. meanwhile the senate democratic leader is blaming the white house. >> president trump's blame game makes him look small and diminished. and people will begin to realize his lack of leadership and the respect for him and his office will diminish. >> as that luncheon at the white house breaks up we will be listening carefully to the tone of the senators to see if anything has changed after getting the full court press from the president. >> heather: we will see what happens, thank you so much. >> jon: the white house is now confirming a second meeting or conversation between president trump and russian president vladimir putin did take place on the sidelines of the g20 summit with
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president trump bashing media coverage of the news, tweeting this -- a russian spokesman had pretty much the same reaction, saying saying -- have to keep your answers short because we are going to get the tape play out from the white house and just to call minutes. this sideline conversation at the d20 summit, the president says no big deal. is that? >> it depends what was said, if it was a conversation like the president has had with past foreign leaders where he said some outlandish things it would be a big deal. we don't know what was said, the only person who does know is the president because he was alone
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without any aids or translators from the u.s. side. >> jon: there was our translator provided by the russian government, the white house had an explanation for that. typically, with this kind of thing go on the record? all the other world leaders saw it but the press didn't really seem to know about it until the details broke yesterday. >> typically the white house releases these kinds of short transcripts or reviews of meetings. however long or short they are. what is key here to remember is that russia and the u.s., this relationship is at the center of the geopolitical stage right now and there is a concern that time and time again, the trump administration and the trump campaign has not been forthcoming about its conversations like this. there is a feeling of "why not just always get this information out there?" >> jon: just about every nation in the g20 is a u.s. ally. it is kind of unusual that the president took pains to go over
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to vladimir putin and speak to him. >> that was certainly noted by the other leaders in the room. if you look at the objectives of the government, to restore its standing on equal footing with the united states. a one-on-one conversation with president trump plays right into vladimir putin's hands. that is something he wants, to be on an equal stage. certainly a big win for him there. >> jon: we are watching the tape player from the white house, let's listen in. >> we are in this room today to deliver on our promise to the american people, to repeal obamacare and ensure that they have the health care they need. we have no choice. we have two repeal and replace obamacare. we can repeal it, but the best is repeal and replace. let's get going. i intend to keep my promise and i know you will, too.
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since 2013, obamacare premiums have skyrocketed. in alaska they went up over 200% recently. we know that. in arizona they have been up 118% and of those dates are good compared to some of the numbers are coming out. despite the promise that premiums would decrease by $2,500 on average, they are actually increasing by almost $3,000 and even much more than that in some cases. it's crushing the middle class and the families of the middle class, it is frankly crushing our country. obamacare was a big lie. you can keep your doctor, live. you can keep your plan, live. it was a lie directly from the president. you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, 28 times he said it. 28 times and it was a lie and he knew it was. now it is hurting this country
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irreparably. premiums are so high that 6.5 million americans chose to pay a fine to the irs instead of buying insurance, the famous mandate. we will pay not to take the insurance. people don't understand that, they don't even understand what it is or what it represents. if obamacare is not repealed in 2018 over 1,300 counties in the united states will have only one insurer. 40 counties will have absolutely no coverage in the exchange. and that number will grow rapidly. i think those numbers are extremely conservative, i think they are very low. i've been hearing six months, i am ready to act. i have pen in hand, i am sitting in that office. penn in hand. you've never had that before. for seven years, you had an easy
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route. repeal, replace, he's never going to sign it. i am signing it. it's a little bit different. but i am ready to act, for seven years you have promised the american people you would repeal obamacare. people are hurting, inaction is not an option. i don't think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan, unless we can give our people health care. the other night i was very surprised when i heard a couple of my friends, they really were and are. they might not be very much longer but that's okay. you didn't go out there. this was the one we were worried about. [laughter] he wants to remain a senator, doesn't he?
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i think the people of your state, i think they are going to appreciate what you hopefully will do. any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling america that you are fine with obamacare. being fine with obamacare isn't an option for another reason because it is gone. it has failed, it's not going to be around. we pay hundreds of millions of dollars a month in subsidies that the court doesn't want you to understand. when those payments stop, it stops immediately. it stops immediately. on the other hand, a "yes" vote will not senator's debate the of health care and find different ways to improve the bill. we are so close, the way i looked at it, we have no democrat help. they are obstructionist, that's all they are good at is
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obstruction. they have no ideas, they've gone so far left they are looking for single payer, that's what they want. single payer will bankrupt our country because it is more than we take in for just health care. single payer is never going to work but that is what they'd like to do. they have no idea what the consequence will be and it will be horrible, horrible health care. you wait in line for weeks to even see a doctor. we are going to expand tax-free health savings accounts to increase health care coverage. getting washington out of the way and giving more control and funding back to the states. stabilizing exchanges so those pre-existing conditions are protected. if you listen to chuck schumer, before he even knew what the planet said, he did not see it. most of the people in this room never saw it. he was saying everyone is going to die, death.
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that is the only thing they were doing deal i good at. this is far better than obamacare. and more generous than obamacar obamacare. saving medicaid, which is on an unsustainable path and let states spend those dollars. the states will be able to spend the dollars. as a smaller entity, the states will be able to take better care of a person with a bad back, with a bad prognosis. with a problem. i'd like the federal government to focus on the middle east. to focus on north korea. to focus on things where we have very big problems. the states can do a better job than the federal government when it comes to health care and that is what we are letting you do. we are committing $45 billion to
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help combat the opioid epidemic. some states in particular like that. my message today is really simple, we have to stay here, we should not leave town and we should hammer this out and get it done. not just a repeal. early on with a few of the other folks at the table, the repeal was fine. we want to get more than a repeal. i think the people of this country need more than a repeal. they need a repeal and/or replace. we we were very close. and then little things happened, but now we are very close again. we have to get there. the other night we had a couple of things that we put down on paper, i'm just going to read them really fast. the democrats are always selling their plan but they don't do that anymore. they don't talk about obamacare anymore because they can't, it has failed, they know it.
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they are selling their plan and we never sell hours. if we've done anything it's on letting people know how good it was. we wrote down these few things. "repeals the individual mandate." how big is that? people are paying not to have insurance, nobody ever talks about that. repeals job killing employer mandate. how big is that? will substantially lower premiums, and remember this. cross-country lines, cross state lines. it's almost impossible for insurance companies to compete and say we can't because unfortunately the 60 votes, it's going to come very soon. that will calm in your premiums will be down 60 and 70%. people don't know that.
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nobody talks about it. your premiums are going -- we are going to have to cross state lines not to have them. you will have insurance companies, you will have forms of insurance that you don't even know about right now. that's the way it works. it's going to be tremendous competition. your premiums will be substantially lower. the bill also provides for expanded coverage options. you are going to have a tremendously expanded coverage and options. the markets are gone, they are a mess. depending on what happens here and over the next couple of weeks, the insurance companies are all fleeing. we will protect pre-existing condition coverage. you listen to the democrats, they say they are giving up -- you will have better pre-existing then you have in their plan.
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you are going to be protected. we will allow the use of pretax dollars to pay premiums. we will provide better coverage for low income americans. low income americans under our plan, we are doing things at this meeting they will be very happy about. we are going to spend some more money to make sure everybody is protected. we will provide better coverage for low income americans. we will improve medical outcomes for low income americans. it puts medicaid on a sustainable path, level the playing field for states when it comes to federal dollars. redirect authority from washington, d.c., to the states,
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which we have already said where they can innovate and develop the best practices on a smaller basis, be able to take care of people better. we can repeal but we shouldn't repeal and replace. we shouldn't leave town until this is complete and of this bill is on my desk and we go over to the oval office, i will sign it and we can celebrate for the american people. thank you very much, thank you. [applause] thank you very much. >> jon: there is the tape play out of the meeting between the president and various senators, republican senators.
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the president appears like he wants to go to the mat and get this obamacare repeal and replacement issue handled before members of congress leave town for their august recess. that is a change in tone when he said just vote on a repeal and let obamacare collapse. let's get back to the discussion now. i don't know, based on what the president was saying yesterday, just repeal obamacare and let the thing pay fail. are you surprised by his change in tone? speak of the president has been all over the map as pertains to the policy here. he said he wants to let obamacare fail and let democrats figure it out. he said we need to repeal it and worry about replacement later.
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it's interesting that he had this meeting, on camera. it's certainly a way to put public pressure on these lawmakers but you have to wonder whether it's an attempt to save a little face here, given that the first, second, third of this bill has failed. you hear some concerns about republicans of the president did a do enough to sell the bill on its merits and instead talked a lot about the politics. i think there is a lot of concern that the white house didn't do enough here and it might be a little too late. >> jon: to that point, he has been criticized even by members of his own party who have said he needs to get on board, he needs to strong-arm some people.
10:20 am
really getting involved in this process if he wants to get a bill on his desk. >> that is right, the president hasn't really put his back into it up until today. frankly, a lot of the senators in that room might not take a lot of what he said so well. he jokes about senator dean heller of nevada wanting to still be a senator. he is the most endangered incumbent for republicans and they are looking to expand their majority, not retracted. that comment was a little odd. you have him again putting out a completely different planet here then he said the other day. there is not a consistent message and it's really not clear if the senators will receive the president's message all that well. >> jon: he essentially promised that they would get something together before they leave town for the august recess, we will stay on it. thank you both. >> heather: in the meantime, the president pushing republican
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senators to move forward on health care as house republicans plan to focus on tax reform and budget, but not without some criticism. >> i think this budget goes in the completely wrong direction of giving more and more to that 1% and less and less to the people who really need to have better lives. these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> it will go on, we are going to win on taxes and infrastructure, we are winning the war. we are very much estimating isis, you can see that. we've had a lot of victories but we haven't had a victory on
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health care. we are disappointed, i am very disappointed. >> heather: president trump also hoping to move forward on the rest of his legislative agenda as house republicans unveiled a budget plan for 2018 paving the way for tax reform, that proposal comes with a significant spending cut that may make it difficult for the legislation to proceed. the president meeting today with republican senators discussing the road ahead and joining me now to discuss that as a republican strategist and executive director of california women's leadership association and a liberal political commentator and profession are at john hopkins university, thank you both for joining us. let's talk about this. we see all the problems we are having right now with getting a health care bill passed. do you think it's possible that we can come to an agreement on the budget? >> there have been a lot of issues and i think we will get to an agreement on the budget.
10:26 am
republicans know going into 2018 that they have to have a win and accomplishing thing in order to retain their seats in the next election cycle. more importantly, what i am hoping is that republicans can look at the tax code and make some significant changes to reforming the tax code as it stands currently. there are 9.8 million businesses, women own throughout the country and only one in ten of those actually hire employees and i think that says something over the regulation that we have currently with our tax code that is strangling small businesses. >> heather: this is just a blueprint for the budget, it says that it will balance the budget by cutting spending, reforming government, growing the economy and the budget produces a $9 billion surplus in the fiscal year 2027. you don't think this is a good budget? >> no, i don't. i believe the g.o.p. budget as it stands right now is not a
10:27 am
plan of action but rather a plan of attack on the poor and middle-class americans. it gives tax cuts to the rich, it cuts into medicare which is a promise and nondiscretionary spending, it cuts it by $424 billion. this is something that will mess up our country's infrastructure as well as harm those individuals that need the most help. >> heather: when it does come to defense spending, it does provide the funding to secure the border and protect the homeland. >> under the obama administration, there was the least amount of spending this country has seen since world war ii. it will be critical to increase our defense spending. it affects families and technology and our borders. you are going to hear the left constantly talk about republicans are trying to derail low income families and the fact of the matter is, they are
10:28 am
calling for a welfare reform. paul ryan brought up today that he wants to make sure he moves forward this year as well because the current situation is holding people back and not helping people move forward in their careers. >> heather: it does give reconciliation instructions 211 house committees to achieve at least $203 billion in mandatory savings and reform. i was at a bad thing? >> it's not necessarily a bad thing but it lacks the support needed to move forward. right now we have representatives saying that as the bill stands it won't be supported. conservatives and moderates are opposed to this budget as it stands and we need to come together in a bipartisan, bicameral way to be sure that everything that needs to be in there is there. we see what has happened with health care, that is exactly what the g.o.p. did in january. we have to do something else. >> heather: how do we get both sides within the republican party to come together on this?
10:29 am
>> the freedom caucus which is probably the greatest block to passing this budget are the ones who want more budget to social welfare programs. i think at this point, democrats need to look at this and say they are willing to move forward with the budget as it stands. >> heather: thank you for joining us, we have some breaking news i need to wrap it up. >> jon: a courageous family pushing through hardship together with the love and determination. we check in with the family for an update and their quadruplets, the children born after their mom suffered a cancer relapse. o.j. simpson soon to be free man, potentially. >> they look at the fact that he was a model prisoner and did not have any criminal convictions.
10:30 am
my opinion is, look at the fact that he slaughtered two people. ♪ managing blood sugar is a series of smart choices. and when you replace one meal... ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. (i wanted him to eat healthy., so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. >> heather: welcome back, if you haven't heard, o.j. simpson said to have a parole hearing tomorrow. the 70-year-old simpson was found guilty back in 2008 of armed robbery, kidnapping and some other charges stemming from a confrontation with the memorabilia dealer and out las vegas hotel. he is already served nine years
10:34 am
of his sentence. >> tomorrow at around this time if everything goes according to schedule, o.j. simpson's parole here hearing will be wrapping up and simpson should know whether he is going to spend at least a few more years behind this razor wire or whether he will be free to resume life on the outside. most legal analysts we have spoken to say he should get out given that he was paroled on the less serious charges at a hearing in 2013. the armed robbery and kidnapping charges are among the remaining ones, but given his good behavior behind bars, experts say he has served enough time. according to fox legal analyst, you can't entirely dismiss the idea that the parole board men
10:35 am
members will not have the murders on their mind, too, even though simpson was found not guilty. >> the white elephant in the room as the 1995 acquittal for the alleged crimes that were committed in los angeles. although they are not supposed to take that into consideration, it is the white elephant in the room and it always will be. >> if oj is paroled tomorrow, he won't actually walk out of this prison facility tomorrow. he will have to wait a few more months, he will probably get out in the fall, probably around october 1st we are told. if that does happen, the advice from pretty much every lawyer who has ever been involved in an oj case is please go home, live a quiet life and for goodness sake, stay out of trouble. >> heather: may be don't get
10:36 am
picked up in a white bronco either when you leave. don't miss our special live coverage tomorrow of the o.j. simpson parole hearing, that will begin at 1:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> jon: some new developments to bring you regarding one of the most incredible families we have met. she had just given birth to quadruplets, two boys, two girls. their introduction to this world was a little earlier than hoped because kayla suffered a relapse of hodgkin's lymphoma. >> i don't wanted to come off that i am always happy-go-lucky but i want people to know that when you are facing something like this, it is okay to go through every emotion. you are going to go through every emotion, i definitely do on a daily basis. the important thing to remember
10:37 am
is that at the end of that day, you do need to put on put on a smile and go forward with it. >> jon: she is back in the hospital to undergo an aggressive round of chemotherap chemotherapy. we are happy to report the children are doing very well and growing like weeds. healthy, teething and working on major milestones like rolling over. her dad is the primary caregiver while kayla is hospitalized, she is likely to be away from home with a month or so. she is handling the hospitalization with her characteristic great and good humor. we should mention, you are not involved in kayla's care but you know a lot about this kind of
10:38 am
treatment. she has a particularly aggressive form of hodgkin's lymphoma, they have harvested stem cells from her own body, which will be reinjected later, can you tell us how that works and what it might accomplish? >> essentially, when you get stem cell transplant, in general you think take the stem cells f the patient so you can give them a high dose of chemotherapy and afterwards give them the stem cells back for the recovery is a little faster. >> jon: we understand they had hoped to harvest about 3 million stem cells from kayla, they actually were able to harvest four and a half million. she seems to be defying the odd odds. and proving to be one very tough
10:39 am
patient, that is very good for her. >> it's good to have a good number of cells, it allows her to recover a good number of cells well. >> jon: it is unfortunately, she has a very aggressive form of hodgkin's informal, they thought she had been the disease, she had been treated for it before she became pregnant and then it came back during her pregnancy. the pregnancy she never expected to have. when you are fighting something like this, tell us about what lies ahead. >> for her, you are right, for hodgkin's obama lymphoma to re, certainly she gets chemotherapy. she is now going to get the stem cell transplant. she will get the stem cells and
10:40 am
have a few weeks of having a high risk of infections, i would expect her to recover in two or three weeks. hopefully she will be fully functional in about three months. >> jon: that is what she is saying, she will be away from home for three weeks, to a month and then be back home raising her quads. she has a very good attitude and that has to help a lot when you are battling this kind of illness. >> staying active and positive is important. >> jon: thank you very much. >> heather: our prayers and certainly with that family. >> jon: they are spectacular. >> heather: so many fox news viewers love that you are able to bring us their story. coming up, we are waiting on the white house briefing set to start at the top of the hour, we will be monitoring that off-camera discussion and will bring you any news as we get it. president trump telling republican senators they have to repeal and replace obamacare.
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at a white house luncheon today, they have to do it. >> we have no choice. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. we can repeal it but the best is repeal and replace. let's get going. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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>> jon: right now, president trump are urging republicans to keep working on a health care bill after the latest effort collapsed in the senate after saying this yesterday about bringing democrats to the table. >> i think we are probably in that position where we will just let obamacare fail, i'm not going to own it. the republicans are not going to own it. democrats are going to come to us and ask how to fix it or how to come up with a new plan. >> jon: let's bring in our medical panel.
10:45 am
listening to the president of there i am reminded of the words of -- i believe -- the apollo 13 communications guy who said failure is not an option, is that an option here? >> first of all, let's characterize what it would be. it's not letting it fail, it is choking it to death. it would mean pulling out all the subsidies and taking that away. that's really not an option, that would put millions of people's lives at risk. i practice up in rural maine, i am the director of maine's doctors for america and our critical access hospital would potentially close. it's not like new york where you have hospitals all over the place. from where i practice it is 45 minutes to the nearest hospital. >> jon: members of the senate
10:46 am
and the house get great medical treatment. >> they saved their health care in this bill. the problem is, you can't cram a bill through in a month and you can't have 13 white men go off to a room by themselves with no input from physicians, hospitals or anybody. even insurance companies were against it. >> jon: there are tremendous problems with obamacare. it was foisted on the american people. >> i think that is the point the president is trying to make, how well is this working 16.5 million people a year take a tax penalty rather than buy into the insurance. that idea that everyone was going to be forced to buy insurance to cover everybody else -- >> which is a right wing idea. >> that doesn't make it right or wrong. that idea is not in the basis of a workable health care system. here is what i mean by that. premiums are soaring, deductibles are too high so
10:47 am
people have to pay out-of-pocke out-of-pocket. we have narrow networks of doctors. there is a huge physician shortage. you had cars to the train with the wheels are falling off the train. >> some of the things he just brought up, the high deductible, that's not obamacare, that is insurance companies. let's separate where the evils lie. there is no question these things need to be fixed but you can't do it this way. we do need to shore up the markets and take both sides back to the table and solve this issue. which there are a number of ways to do. we have medicare, we know how well that works in our seniors and that is a cost-sharing initiative. 20%, that is similar to france's plan. that is one way we could do it. >> jon: part of the problem is obamacare mandate so much coverage for some people who
10:48 am
don't need it. >> that's how insurance works. >> that's not how it should work. you don't pay for the same for your ferrari insurance that you pay for your toyota. here's how you do it. you add a catastrophic option and save for those with pre-existing conditions, we are not going to let -- that is where the government comes in. here's the big mistake the g.o.p. made. you separate out the medicaid question. medicaid is responsible for 12 million people on these exchanges. this is where the negotiating should have been. i'd like to see the democrats and republicans go to the table and try to preserve the medicaid expansion but while doing so get rid of some of the excess. there is so much waste and medicaid, i worked in medicaid all my life. 20 years ago i decided to start seeing medicaid patients for free because it wasn't working t to file the paperwork. positions are not reimburse
10:49 am
properly. 31% of physicians once he knew medicaid patients. >> jon: i think i saw a nod of agreement on that. >> i lose money on my medicaid patients, that is true. i'm not saying to expand medicaid out to cover everybody. but we need to learn from the rest of the world. things i would do -- and i have written about this, i would expand medicare out to the essential benefits. we know everybody needs preventative services. we want kids to get checked, we want people to be screened for their blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes, that should be everybody. if we have a medicare type plan for everyone, that all gets covered. your emergency care all gets covered and then we put out the rest and do something like our medicare advantage plans that already are sold nationally. you can choose what level you buy or not. >> jon: we are going to have to leave it there. >> catastrophic for all is not a
10:50 am
bad idea, it goes all the way back to the 1970s. >> heather: we are awaiting today's white house news briefing, another no cameras allowed event but we will bring you audio as soon as the briefing is concluded. next, an up close look at one of the newest gadgets to pop up in police stations all across the country and why the new technology has some privacy advocates a little worried. 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. hi..and i know that we have phonaccident, so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
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>> hello everyone, i'm melissa francis. g.o.p. senators are making their way from the white house to the capital after meeting with president trump. we will talk to senators
10:54 am
rand paul about what they chewed on over lunch. plus, we are awaiting the start of the white house briefing and we are going to bring you those highlights as soon as we get them. at the house is about to hold a hearing on tax reform. can republicans pivot and put iw in the column on that and fix our broken tax code? we will debate all of this on "america's news headquarters" ." >> heather: drones are taking the world by storm and now police all around the country are getting in on the game. at the thought of unmanned flying surveillance devices in the hands of law enforcement has some people concerned. >> 1 of hundreds of police departments across the nation with a drone program has several officers out here today doing a variety of drills including an active shooter situation.
10:55 am
a mock situation, i should point out. law enforcement agencies are using unmanned aerial vehicles across the country. they are able to hover at hundreds of feet providing rock-solid images and they can zoom in to find missing persons and document crime scenes in traffic accidents and more at a fraction of the cost of putting a helicopter in the sky. helicopters cost thousands of dollars an hour but drones are virtually free to fly once you buy them in departments often used that money to pay for the program. the association wants more checks and balances on law enforcement. >> we don't want to see drones become a tool for suspicionless surveillance. as a way of letting the government look over all of our shoulders, all the time.
10:56 am
>> officers say they follow very strict guidelines, stricter than private citizens and say if they are asked to fly over an area with an expectation of privacy they will get a warrant before they go in with the drone. >> heather: private citizens do not have to do that. thank you so much. >> jon: we are awaiting the start of an off-camera press briefing at the white house. we expect plenty on the agenda especially when it comes to health care. more next.
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>> time for the final 30 now appeared a woman pulled over for a traffic stop in texas. the suspect taken on an emotional roller coaster ended with as a of a lifetime. >> you were going over the speed limit, and there's a warrant out on the vehicle.
11:00 am
congratulations. >> he recruited his colleagues to propose to his girlfriend, and she said yes. we will see what the conversation was at home. "america's newsroom hq" starts now. >> fox news alert, g.o.p. senators are wrapping up their meeting at the white house. where health care reform was main course. he intends to keep his promise about repealing and replacing obamacare. we are going to start with white house chief


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